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Interview: China's import expo a welcome change, U.S. scholar says******

CHICAGO, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- While some Western countries have erected trade barriers and used the global trade system for non-economic goals in recent years, the China International Import Expo (CIIE) is "a welcome change" against the trend, a U.S. scholar has said.。

"China is the only country that has taken concrete steps to open its economy to free trade and investment," said Khairy Tourk, professor of economics with the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, in a recent interview with Xinhua.。

The global economy last year experienced a recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while since March this year, the world has faced with the danger of both inflation and stagflation.。

"Many nations have felt that the future looks rather grim, and this is particularly true for developing nations," Tourk commented.。

The CIIE is a positive step that has boosted the morale and confidence of these nations, said Tourk, noting that "China has changed from being the factory of the world to being the largest marketplace in the world."

The expo is of particular importance to developing nations. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, "these nations have suffered a reduction in GDP growth, a decline in the prices of their main exports and raw materials," the scholar pointed out.。

Nations, rich or poor, are bound to benefit largely from innovative forums like the CIIE, he continued, adding that Chinese consumers are going to be one of the major pillars responsible for global growth during the 21st century.。

"In the near future as its consumption goes up, China's contribution to global growth will be larger than it is now," Tourk stressed. "This is good news for everyone."

Tourk said China's opening-up measures can be also seen in the Belt and Road Initiative and its participation in COVAX, a global campaign led by the World Health Organization working with governments and manufacturers to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are available worldwide.。

"Many nations are grateful for China's help with vaccines and medical equipment," he said.。

Tourk also rebuked talks of decoupling the U.S. economy from the Chinese economy, saying that an increasing number of businesses and nations participating in the CIIE year by year is a rejection of the call. Enditem。

“聚焦秦创原 蓄力新势能”网络主题活动将于3月29日在陕西西安启动******

为深入贯彻落实陕西省委、省政府建设秦创原创新驱动平台决策部署,生动展现全省上下奋力谱写新时代陕西高质量发展新篇章的火热实践,为迎接党的二十大和我省第十四次党代会营造浓厚网上舆论氛围,在秦创原创新驱动平台建设一周年之际,由陕西省委网信办、陕西省科技厅、陕西省科学技术协会主办,西咸新区网信办、三秦网、秦闻客户端承办的“聚焦秦创原 蓄力新势能”网络主题活动将于3月29日在西安启动。启动仪式结束后,由20余家中省媒体组成的采访团,将深入秦创原总窗口开展集中采访。

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西安市公安局再通报6起涉疫违法案件 共7人被治安拘留******

  华商网讯 最近,西安公安部门依法惩治涉疫非法活动,依法查处了一批涉疫违反规定案子。现通告如下所示:










Economic Watch: CIIE helps exhibitors find access to Chinese market******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- Influenced by a new type of consumers and buoyed by the upcoming shopping season in China, exhibitors at the ongoing China International Import Expo (CIIE) have been showcasing more varied products and new marketing methods.。

The 4th CIIE, held in Shanghai on Nov. 5-10, has drawn nearly 3,000 businesses from 127 countries and regions. Many of them have brought tailored products and services for the expanding Chinese market.。

The art category is a new zone at this year's exhibition, presenting luxurious paintings and creative cultural products for high-end consumers. Many exhibitors brought novelties such as stationery, cups and ornaments featuring elements designed by famous artists.。

With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approaching, products related to winter sports are highlighted at the CIIE. Companies are exhibiting new boards, smart outwears and other cutting-edge equipment to attract Chinese consumers.。

China has been working on getting 300 million people involved in winter sports while statistics showed that Chinese people spent 13 times more money from a year before on ski and snowboard products in the last ski season.。

In recent years, blind boxes -- a small toy box whose content is unknown before opening -- and other novel toys have gained popularity in the Chinese market, especially with strong demand from young consumers. In order to tap into the trend, CIIE exhibitors have adjusted their strategies not only with diversified products and services but also more eye-catching packages and stylish booth gifts.。

Moreover, many exhibitors have oriented their marketing channels to cater to Chinese consumers' habits.。

Theland, a New Zealand dairy company in Shanghai for its fourth consecutive CIIE show, has been showing visitors the company's homepage and mini-program on Chinese social media platforms. It also set up a live-stream channel to introduce their products to online Chinese buyers.。

Such kind of e-commerce practice was rarely seen during the first CIIE as few exhibitors had social-media accounts in 2018, let alone accounts on Chinese platforms. In the 2019 edition, companies familiar with Chinese consumers started to use QR codes -- a type of matrix barcode containing data. Then at the third CIIE, live-streaming became a trendy marketing method.。

From QR codes to live-stream marketing, foreign sellers are getting closer and closer to Chinese consumers. One essential reason for this change is the high-degree digitalization of the Chinese market, said He Ying, director of strategy consulting at KPMG China.。

As Chinese consumers are planning for the year-end shopping season following the expo, which includes the "Double 11" shopping spree falling on Nov. 11 and the New Year celebration, CIIE participants are trying their best to adjust to new trends in China and seize the opportunities of the booming market. Enditem。



2.通江达海“链”全球 港口群当好“金牌合伙人”



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